Welcome to jessimeryldesigns.com.  I love to capture moments in time with my camera.  My primary interest is in nature photography and most of my work is of the beauty and details of the natural world.  I really enjoy exploring things up close such as a butterfly or flowers, as well as seeing the big picture by stepping back and getting a vista shot of a forest, mountains or the ocean.  I also like to see the everyday world in new and different ways, taking a shot of trolley tracks or a reflection in a building.


Greeting cards are now available.

For updates please check out my blog cameradventures.

And if you want to learn more contact Jessi.


NEWS:  I will be working on updating my website this summer so stay tuned for new content!  I hope to add samples of additional artwork.  

Thank you to all who have supported me at past Open Studios and Exhibits.  I appreciate the support.  You’ll find photos and a video walkthrough on cameradventures.